Coach Marisa Reyes

Helping You Confidently Move Forward

Coach Marisa Reyes, the founder and CEO of The Power Within, has a proven track record of empowering individuals and organizations.  She has 20+ years of experience with strategic planning, project management, organizational change management, creating dynamic programming, managing operations, building community, and empowering others.   She has achieved both local and national honors for her innovative programming and success in helping others achieve their goals and strengthen their Power Within.


Ms. Reyes creates the highest quality, customized solutions to meet each client's unique needs.  She has worked with thousands of individuals, as well as non-profits, schools, and businesses in her community.   As an empowerment coach, she breaks down complex challenges into achievable steps, works collaboratively with her clients to create innovative solutions, and provides guidance, encouragement and support to achieve success.

Using The Empowered Way, Marisa teaches how to transform lives and organizations through practical, hands-on tools and lessons that she implements in her own life. 

Her journey through teaching in public schools, working with homeless and at-risk youth, running her own company, and overcoming Lyme's Disease has helped her develop The Empowered Way.  She has been refining her program through countless real-world hands-on experiences for almost 20 years.  On her quest to achieve health and fulfillment, she has been blessed to have a plethora of experiences, teachers, challenges, and lessons. 

 She is passionate about transforming the way we live and lead by providing tools and experiences that empower: body, mind and soul.