Why I founded The Power Within

The Power Within began in 2009.  After 10 years in public education, I wanted the freedom to break through the barriers that were preventing people from achieving success.  My first mission was to discover why students who were struggling with their weight also had a difficult time learning.  Thus began my journey into the world of functional medicine:  how nutrition and lifestyle impact our health.  I learned that food can be medicine or poison, and when we are lacking in resources (time and money), we are more likely to choose cheap or convenient foods that can damage our bodies.  I began teaching adults and families how to integrate healthy foods and activities into their lives with great success.  I helped clients enhance their healthy behaviors through education, support and creative problem solving.  But a new challenge emerged:  knowledge and action were not enough for many of my clients to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  There was still something missing.

My next quest delved into learning about shame and worthiness.  I learned that shame drives behavior and realized that these clients didn't believe they were worthy of being healthy.  Then, I found myself in the midst of shame and unworthiness when my food and weight loss coaching business was frozen by the MN Board of Nutrition and Dietetics.  It took 18 excruciating months before being exonerated.  I was unprepared for the intense resistance and opposition I would face by disrupting the status quo.   Everything I believed in and stood for came under attack.  I didn't realize it at the time, but I was in such deep shame that I couldn't even talk about what was happening to me and my business.  I no longer knew who I was or what to do.  I had never felt so disempowered in my life.  In addition, I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme's disease when my legs stopped working properly at a 5k race.  Not only could I not do my coaching business, now daily life became a challenge with the mental fog, pain and lack of energy. 

The healing process was intense.  For 28 months, no sugar or alcohol was allowed. I had to help my body daily to detoxify and reduce pain.  I learned first-hand the harshness of our society's beliefs about appearance, health and healing.  It became a daily battle against the negative thoughts, despair, anguish and fear.  In the process of learning to heal myself, I embarked upon the sacred initiation into enlightenment.  Feeling as though my life was completely out of control, I turned to the Divine for strength, hope and guidance.  As Carolyn Myss says in Anatomy of the Spirit, "When the ground beneath our feet shakes, we are forced to look up."  I learned how to reclaim my personal power and release all the thoughts, beliefs and experiences that didn't support my health.  I discovered the importance of self-care, listening to my body and intuition.  I enhanced my courage and refined my skills with setting boundaries and dealing with difficult people.  I strengthened my resilience, faith and compassion.  As a result, by October of 2017, I was 100% Lyme free!  I felt empowered and victorious!


Now, my purpose is to empower others by sharing my knowledge and experience so they can achieve health and fulfillment.  I am helping people go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to feeling empowered by offering practical strategies, tools and support to move them forward.  My mission is to change the game for how we live and lead by helping others heal so they can fulfill their purpose and live "whole-heartedly" (Brene Brown, Daring Greatly).  To facilitate this transition from "the power over others" to "the power within," I am creating a community where we work together and benefit from lifting one another up.  With clarity, confidence, renewed energy, peace and fulfillment, my clients are empowered to transform their lives and achieve the life they've always envisioned.

I believe in you!    You can do this!