Six Steps to

transform your life


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restore faith in yourself

& become victorious!

Are you feeling stuck and frustrated because you know what to do but you're not doing it?  You don't have to do this alone!  There are some common mistakes that that could be sabotaging your success.  In this interactive, fun and practical online course, you'll learn how to overcome these mistakes with a quick and easy to use system so you can feel energized, focused and victorious!


  • Upgrade your thinking

  • Set goals that allow you to win every day

  • Focus on one habit at a time to create success

  • Identify the actions you need to take to achieve your goals

  • Create a plan for overcoming potential obstacles

  • Create routines and regular check-ins to stay on track

"I love that I know exactly what I need to do each day to achieve my goals and how to get back on track when things are off."     -Michelle

"This system helps me reflect on my day and what I've accomplished.  It helps me feel thankful for what I have and who I have around me."    -Adam















This six day course will begin Monday, June 1, 2020 and run daily through June 6th. 


  • Each day we'll have a live, interactive class session at 8:00pm (Central) on Zoom.   

  • You'll receive a short homework assignment.  The goal is to spend 10 minutes a day on the assignment. 

  • You'll receive access to a private Facebook group where you'll post your completed assignment each day and interact with your fellow classmates.

  • You'll have access to ongoing support through the month of June with weekly class sessions to help you stay on track and create positive new habits.

  • You'll receive an assessment to take both before the course begins and after.

Get ready to transform your life!!

"Coach Marisa is the absolute best!"

Having this class and this awesome group of people has totally changed my perspective and put me in such a better place.  It's not like anything in my situation has changed other than taking this course, so it's pretty obvious how meaningful this was for me.   - Andrea R.

"I saw and felt immediate results!"

I was in a stuck place when I began this course.  After the 1st day, I knew I was in the right place!!!  As each day came, I looked forward with excitement to sharing and seeing the other participants and especially hearing what Marisa was going to reveal as the "next step!"  She provided great support and thought provoking ideas to help each of us put together our Success Journal.  I saw and felt immediate results!  - Sandra

"I AM good enough!"

Now I can keep myself on track and not go back to that place where I hated myself and there were voices that said, "You're not good enough," because I AM good enough!!  I can read my journal and feel like "these are truths, not what's in your head."  It's really good to be able to ground yourself.  I really liked the social interaction and had a lot of fun.   - Kayla S.


  • Step 1 - The Truth About You
    Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity.  If we're not getting the results we want, we first need to change our thinking, specifically how we see and talk to ourselves.  That starts by shutting off those nasty voices in our heads by revealing the truth about how amazing we really are.


  • Step 2 - Setting Goals With Soul 
    Traditional goal setting has us so focused on the end result that we don't get to enjoy the journey.  It also means that we're a failure everyday until we get there.  Yuck! If we can instead set goals about how we want to feel, we can win everyday!


  • Step 3 - Getting Out Of Your Way  
    Trying to change everything at once is a recipe for disaster!!  No wonder we get overwhelmed and give up.  Instead, if we focus on changing 1 habit at a time, we can create success!  We also need to identify potential obstacles and solutions in advance.  That way, when we face adversity, it's much more likely that we'll stay strong and keep going.  

  • Step 4 - Your Path To Success  
    We've experienced success before, but if we don't pay attention to all the little things that made us successful, we stop doing them.  By identifying the actions we need to take to achieve our goals, it becomes easy to know where to focus our time and effort each day.


  • Step 5 - Focusing On The Positive
    When negativity comes knocking, we can send it packing!  Practicing gratitude can immediately stop the negative thoughts and transform the way we view our experiences.  It allows us to seek the lessons and appreciate the blessings we experience each day. 

  • Step 6 - Putting It All Together
    The final step to transforming our lives is creating routines and regular check-ins to keep ourselves on track.  We'll combine all the previous steps into an easy to use system.  In less than 10 minutes a day, you can ensure your success and become victorious!      

Get ready to transform your life!!


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"You leave every class better than you were before." 

Marisa is amazing at motivating anyone.  I learned valuable skills to make positive impacts in my life.  You leave every class feeling better than you were before. I recommend everyone should take a class with her.  - Steven N.