Being Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

I have a short list of books that have transformed my life - Simon Sinek's new book, The Infinite Game. is one of them. 

Simon taught me that the goal for most areas in our life is not to win, but to keep playing.  It's to advance something bigger than ourselves or our organizations.  In order to do that, we need a Just Cause.  This Just Cause is a specific vision of a future state that does not yet exist - a future that is so appealing that people are willing to make sacrifices to help advance toward that vision.  

A Just Cause must be:

  • For Something - affirmative and positive

  • Inclusive - open to all in the world who would like to contribute

  • Service Oriented - for the primary benefit of others

  • Resilient - able to endure political, technological and cultural change

  • Idealistic - big, bold, and ultimately unachievable

This caused me to rethink everything about my company.  It gave me a framework from which to operate to create total alignment with my values and my vision.  In that moment, The Power Within ceased to be my empowerment company.  Instead it became a vehicle to translate my values and beliefs into action to transform the world - with your help.  I was giddy with excitement!  Are you ready?  Here it is!!

The Power Within's Just Cause:

If we work together, we can empower healthy and fulfilling lives for everyone by transforming ourselves, our relationships, and our work.   

We can give the world an opportunity to experience what it's like to foster connection, share power, and lift each other up.

As fellow Powerhouses, YOU are all part of this!  With every small step each of us takes, we create a ripple effect that changes our lives and the lives of everyone around us.  The ripple might be so small it's almost unnoticeable, but I promise you, it's there.  Only by working together can we advance this cause.  We are not meant to do this alone!!  I'm so thankful to have you with me on this journey!!  

I've never made a video montage before, but I thought this was the perfect way to announce The Power Within's Just Cause to the world.  Check out the 50 second video for Our Purpose.  May it inspire and entertain you.   

If you'd like to learn more about The Infinite Game and what the term means, this short article by Simon Sinek gives a great overview.

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