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Learn how to make everyday great by creating before

you consume the thoughts, opinions or work of others.

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It was probably a year ago when I came across this life changing advice from Marie Forleo: Create Before You Consume. Suddenly, everything clicked into place. I learned that when we consume the thoughts, opinions or work of others before we create something ourselves, we give away our power to them. Suddenly, outside forces are directing how we feel and what we think about.

Ugh! I don't know about you, but I want to be in control of how I feel and what I think about. But if we start our day by consuming the news or what's happening on social media, it's like handing the reins over to someone else. This phenomena is called agenda setting, and it's a key component of mass media.

After learning about agenda setting in my Mass Media classes in college, I fiercely guarded my morning routine, making sure everything set the tone for a positive day. But there were still times when I would find myself feeling negative and I didn't know why. That's where this advice gave me clarity. I realized that even if I start my day out strong, if I consume before I create at any point in my day, I'm going to feel off.

Marie also said that feeling like we're behind in life is an indication that we're not creating. What a relief! That means all we need to do to feel better is find a positive outlet for our creativity!!

Last week, I talked about how to curb our tendency to worry by making time for creativity and joy. In that post, you'll find a big ol' list of ways we can use our creative energy in positive ways.

Putting This Into Practice

I was recently on vacation in Mexico and found myself stuck in negativity. How could this be happening?! I'm in the sun and warmth! What more could I need? I'd do my morning routine and then soak up some sun while reading a book. Wait. Did you catch it? I read a book BEFORE I used my creativity. It took me a few days before realizing what I was doing.

It was tricky because when I'm working, I am using my creativity coming up with new ideas, writing, making videos, or problem solving. But the whole point of vacation what that I wasn't going to be working. Enter coloring!! I now had a positive outlet for my creativity that didn't involve work.

I decided that I had to spend some time coloring each day before I could read my book. The transformation was immediate! Now that I was using my creativity FIRST, I could consume the work of others without it destroying my day. Yahoo!!

That's why I'm writing this newsletter right now, even though I really want to read the book I picked up at the library. Create Before I Consume. Does this mean you never engage with the news or social media? That's up to you. If you choose to, just make sure you're doing it in the the right order to set yourself up for a great day.

I challenge you to put this advice into action in your own life and see what happens. I'd love to hear how creating before you consume has transformed your life. You can share your story below in the comments section.


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