Everything Is Figureoutable

I had just listened to Marie Forelo share the story of how this mantra has transformed her life, and wouldn't you know, I immediately got tested on it.  I awoke on the morning of Sept 15 to the sounds of squirrel shenanigans in my attic.  No longer were they content to run around my roof - they were right above the ceiling.  

I'm so grateful for the wake up call, because it prompted us to find the hole they were using to get in. What a discovery! 

As my husband, AJ, and I investigated, we found the source of so many of our challenges.  Our gutter had been dripping from one end.  We discovered that the trim board behind it was rotted.  As we dug deeper to find the extent of the water damage, we found lots of wood had rotted, giving the squirrels free access to our attic.  

Following the trail, we learned that the water had flowed, not from the gutter, but underneath the gutter, wearing a hole in our roof that wasn't visible.  This deluge had dissolved parts of the roof and wall, including the insulation and protective boards underneath the siding. No wonder our house was so cold in the winter!!  

I stood on my deck laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.  I was actually excited to have found the root cause of the musty smell, cold walls, giant icicles and gallivanting squirrels.  And I was grateful for all the skills our home has taught us, including roofing, framing, insulating and siding.  I knew we had the skills we needed to address this challenge.  

I was certain we could figure this out ourselves. In a matter of days, we had the roof repaired, reinforced and protected.  My resilience skills were being put to the test and I felt great.

Types of Challenges

Then we got to phase 2 of the project:  repairing the wall.  This was a load bearing wall, so I was in uncharted territory.  Thank goodness for the public library and YouTube.  I spend hours upon hours researching how to handle this unique situation.  I began to feel overwhelmed with doubt and uncertainty.  My progress stalled.  Where did confident, resilient Marisa go?

I'm grateful that I have an answer for you.  I learned there are two types of challenges.

  1. The first type of challenge is exciting and motivating.  It's difficult, but well within your ability if you apply yourself.  You feel victorious as you make progress toward your goal, which helps you stay on track and keep going.

  2. The second type of challenge is daunting.  It is extremely difficult, beyond your current skill set, making it feel overwhelming, uncomfortable and miserable.  Progress is painfully slow with lots of failure.  

Phase two was definitely the daunting type of challenge. For every step I took, new and unexpected problems arose.   No wonder it felt like I couldn't get anywhere!  But I didn't give up. I kept researching, learning and trying new things. 

Finally, this past Friday we were able to achieve a breakthrough!  AJ and I were able to get a new, solid foundation in place to build upon.  What a victory!!  If felt so great to be back in familiar territory.

What I've learned from all of this is to be aware of the type of challenge I'm facing.  That way I can honor where I'm at and how I feel, rather than judging and criticizing myself for not feeling positive or productive. 

Being a Powerhouse means that I'm committed to doing hard things.  And my belief that everything IS figureoutable helps me stay the course.   Some challenges just take longer to figure out.  


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