Fresh From the Farmer's Market Recipes

It's farmer's market season!!  I've included recipes for how to make the most of what's currently available from your local farmer.  I'll also do a live cooking show this Friday to show you how to make these recipes.

A big thank you to Dee Ruter from Ruter Farm for inspiring this post!

Beet Greens

You already know I'm a HUGE fan of roasted beets with sweet potatoes.  I love EVERY part of beets, including the stems and greens.  I can often be heard saying,"Wow. Those beet greens are gorgeous."  Yep - I'm that girl. 

Here's my recipe for how to saute the beet greens, adding some vibrant color, polyphenols and fiber to your menu.  I also use them in my Powerhouse Breakfast every morning in place of frozen spinach. 

Get the Beet Greens Recipe Powerhouse Breakfast Recipe

 Watch the How To Video

Collard Greens

I was thrilled last week to see that collard greens are in season, especially since I couldn't find plants or seeds this year.  It's hard to find organic collards at the store, but luckily my farmer friends came through!

Here's my quick recipe for cooking up some collard greens. This version takes only 20 minutes rather than the traditional version that takes a long time and creates soggy, soupy ugh.  The longer you cook greens, the less nutrients.  Hence my quick version so you get the biggest bang for your buck.  

Sulfur-rich vegetables are great for your brain and this recipe delivers. It will boost your mood and improve your memory!  

Get the Collard Greens Recipe

Kale Chips

Satisfy your craving for salty and crunchy with kale chips! This healthy recipe is fast and delicious.

I first heard about kale chips from Dr. Terry Wahls in her Minding Your Mitochondria TED talk. I'd never experienced kale up to that point, and to be honest, I wasn't sure what to do. I thought I'd need a food dehydrator (which was in storage in my garage) and a bunch of hours to make them. Thankfully, one of my clients showed me how easy it was to make kale chips.

Now, I can whip up a batch in my oven in under 20 minutes. If you're willing to take a trip into tasty-town,I'll show you how! Just click the video above.

Get the Kale Chips Recipe


Last summer marked my first time trying radishes.  Like beets, both the greens and the root are edible.  I saute the greens with my eggs for some variety in place of spinach or beet greens. I like eating radishes sliced up with dip:

  • Guacamole

  • Hummus

  • Spinach and artichoke dip

Click here to watch the show:

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