Instant Stress Relief

Learn how to calm down anxiety and relieve your stress instantly with these simple techniques.

Has anxiety and stress been getting the better of you?  You are not alone! I thought there was something wrong with me when I'd go from feeling great one day to overwhelmed with anxiety and unable to sleep the next.  But after talking with my friends and family, I've learned they're experiencing similar things.  There's nothing wrong with you! This experience is hard for everyone. 

After researching anxiety and how to navigate it (at 1:30am), I learned that it's normal to have some days be good, and others bad.  It will ebb and flow as the uncertainty continues.  In the meantime, here are some strategies to help calm your anxious mind. 

Instant Stress Relief:

1. Deep Breathing (3 min) - In this video, I guide you through a deep breathing exercise so you can instantly experience calm and reduce anxiety. Watch it here.

2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (4 min) -Release stress from your body and calm your mind at the same time. I guide you through it and include some laughs in the video.  To help me fall asleep, I like to combine this technique with deep breathing. Watch it here.

3. Tapping with Emotional Freedom Technique (4 min) - When our thoughts are running wild, this technique helps to rein it in by playing the "what if" game.  I bet I would be feeling better if I had done this everyday.  Update: I just did it and I feel better already!  New plan - do this daily, not just as a last resort. Watch the video here.

4. Laugh!  - Laughter is the best medicine (and most fun).  It feels so good to laugh!  If you're in need of some resources, I've got you covered.  I made a laugh out loud playlist, which has come in real handy.  AJ and I have also been listening to comedy.  Or you can play the Google maps game that AJ created.  We type different cities into google maps and see what image pops up.  You'll be astonished by what you see.  The most incredible one is for Isanti, MN.  I laughed so hard that I cried!  


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