Making Time For Joy

It is so important to make time for joy.  

I took a break from my usual routine to celebrate my friend's birthday with her and her daughters, complete with horseback riding! We finished just in time to film this for you. Watch it here

When I was coaching my class last week, I realized the extent to which we deny ourselves joy, myself included.  There is no better tool for self reflection that coaching others. Not only were my students experiencing resistance to constantly working, they were outright rebelling!  It helped me see myself much more clearly.  

Over the past 9 weeks, I have not changed my work expectations for myself.  Have you?  Yes, work has it's place in our life, but

it can't be the ONLY thing in our life.  No wonder I was feeling resistance and resentment building!    

It felt so good to disrupt my routine, embrace the lovely weather last week and celebrate.  I got our straw bale garden going on Thursday and celebrated my friends birthday by serenading her while riding horses together! 

If you're a do-er like me,we can get so caught up in our To Do lists, that we forget to enjoy life.  That means we have to be intentional about making time for joy - i.e. blocking off time to do stuff we enjoy.  So whether that means you get to watch puppy videos as a reward for finishing a task, enjoying the sun or working in your garden, it is necessary to make time for it daily.  That's right, daily.  

If you're in need of ideas, you can check out the ideas below that my Facebook followers created to get you going.  Remember, no one ever looks back at their life and says, "I wish I had worked more."  Instead you can live life to the fullest by making joy a part of your daily routine.  I bet you'll feel more at peace and fulfilled.  It sure has helped me!

What Activities Bring You Joy?

  • Playing piano

  • Studying a new language

  • Socializing with friends

  • Gardening

  • Dancing

  • Story time

  • Snuggling

  • Playing with my kids

  • Coaching

  • Learning a new skill

  • Musical moments shared with others (here's my favorite!!)

  • Puzzles

  • Family walks

  • Spending time with people I care about

  • Give prolonged hugs

  • Go to the beach / boating

  • Listening to the birds sing

  • Playing sports

  • Singing


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