Worrying? This Is Magic

Learn how making time for creativity and joy each day can break our tendency to worry.


Did you know that worrying is using your creative energy in negative ways? You know, all those worst-case scenarios you start imagining, or all the what-ifs that make you feel overwhelmed and powerless. It can feel like you've totally gone off the rails, but the good news is there's a way to get back on track.

If we're just misusing our creative energy, that means the key to turning off the worry is using our creative energy in POSITIVE ways.

It's amazing how easy it is to get tripped up and fall back into the habit of worrying. If I'm feeling restless, angry or frustrated with my day, it's usually an indication that I didn't create anything. When it happens to me, I know that I need to quickly shift out of negativity and into positive uses for my creativity.

What does that look like? For me, it means I might break into song or take a quick dance break. I might sit down and do some coloring - remember how magical and peaceful it was to color as kids? The same holds true for us as adults! That's probably why coloring books for adults are on the rise.

Make it a daily practice

To prevent worry from taking over, I need to make sure I'm using my creative energy positively on a daily basis. As Brene Brown said in an interview with Creative Live,

"Unused creativity is dangerous. It metastasizes into grief, judgement and rage. It's poison."

Writing this newsletter is how I'm using my creativity today. What do you like to create? I'd love to hear from you! Post a comment below with your favorite ways to create. If you need ideas, I've included a list of possibilities below.


Bring in the joy!

To ensure positive momentum for my week, I make it a point to do something that brings me joy each day. That means I've got a list of activities that bring me joy - some that involve others, and some that are totally within my control. Having a balance of both is essential. We do NOT want our joy to be dependent on others. For example, story time brings me joy, but I need others to participate. So if that's not a viable option, I could do a dance break instead.

Need some ideas? What activities can you do that bring you joy? Your list will be unique to you. I recommend having at least 5 options to pick from - my list has 9. I have it on a Post-It note on my desk so it's always front and center. You may notice that there's a lot of crossover between creative activities and experiencing joy.

If you're feeling stuck, here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Color

  • Cook

  • Sing

  • Dance

  • Draw / paint / sculpt

  • Build

  • Design

  • Problem solving

  • Puzzles

  • Family walk

  • Write

  • Snuggle time

  • Play

  • Teaching

  • Gardening

I challenge you to make your list and set time aside every day for creativity and joy. The results will be immediate! I promise. I'd love to hear how making time for joy and creativity has transformed your life. Just post a comment below to share your success story!



Coach Marisa

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